Advanced Conducting Academy June 11 – 25, 2016

Conducting Choral Masterpieces June 25 – July 8, 2016

Mastering the Concerto July 11 – July 22, 2016

The International Institute for Conductors celebrates 2016 with the 17th edition of its acclaimed Advanced Conducting Academy
from June 11 – 24, the incomparable Conducting Choral Masterpieces workshop from June 25 – July 8 and the introduction of a
remarkable new Mastering the Concerto course for conductors and soloists from July 11 – 22. With the addition of this
innovative new program, the International Institute for Conductors offers an unrivaled curriculum that includes
concentrations in orchestral repertoire, orchestra and chorus, opera and now conducting concertos.

2015 Conducting Choral Masterpieces: Highlights from Brhams’s Ein deutsches Requiem

The Philharmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora” of Bacau

The Philharmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora” of Bacau

Conducting Choral Masterpieces
The Conducting Choral Masterpieces workshop is designed to address the gap in most conductor training programs between choral and instrumental conducting. Choral conductors will gain valuable experience and acquire the skills and techniques needed to conduct choral works with orchestral accompaniment while instrumental conductors will learn how to better communicate with vocalists through gesture and language all while studying 3 great masterpieces from the orchestral/choral repertoire. Workshop conductors each receive approximately 210 minutes of instructional time on the podium including sessions with piano sextet and vocal quartet, full chorus with piano sextet, full orchestra and orchestra with full chorus. All participating conductors also receive 60 minutes of video review with faculty, and they will conduct a selection from the repertoire on 2 of 4 public concerts. Select “Conducting Choral Masterpieces under “Programs” for complete details.

The Bacau Philharmonic and Iasi Philharmonic Choir - 2015 Institute

The Bacau Philharmonic and Iasi Philharmonic Choir – 2015 Institute

The International Institute has earned its reputation as one of the world’s most respected summer conductor training programs by consistently providing conductors of all ages with:

  • an outstanding curriculum,
  • an exceptional faculty,
  • impressive repertoire lists,
  • an incomparable amount of podium time,
  • a responsive, professional orchestra and choir,
  • an individually tailored programs of study,
  • a supportive, collegial environment,
  • an extraordinary administrative staff,
  • and incredible Romanian hospitality

that combine to create a truly transformational experience. You need not take our word that these claims are true. Visit the Institute Alumni page, and read the student comments at the bottom of each page.

Advanced Conducting Academy
The Advanced Conducting Academy gives experienced student and professional conductors the opportunity to work on challenging repertoire under the guidance of three veteran professional conductors, each with decades of teaching experience. Advanced Academy conductors receive approximately 215 minutes of podium time including instructional sessions with full orchestra and piano sextet, 2 general rehearsals and 2 concerts plus daily video review sessions with faculty. In addition to these summer conducting opportunities, the faculty may award one graduating conductor a return engagement as guest conductor with the Bacau Philharmonic for a fully professional concert with fee. Ten graduates from years past have been recognized in this way. Select “Advanced Conducting Academy” under “Programs” for repertoire list and complete details.

Justin (Canada) with vocal soloists – 2013 Institute

Justin (Canada) with vocal soloists – 2013 Institute

Conducting Opera Arias
During the first week of the Advanced Conducting Academy, conductors can choose to work with vocal soloists on up to 3 arias and duets from an extensive list of 18th and 19th century opera excerpts. See the repertoire list and program details on the Advanced Academy page.

New for 2016! Mastering the Concerto
In 2010 the Institute added its enormously successful Conducting Concertos program as a unit within the Advanced Conducting Academy. After 5 years of countless requests from students and alumni to increase opportunities for students to work with soloists, we are pleased and excited to announce the addition of a new intensive course for conductors and soloists. The Institute will accept up to 12 conductors and 6 soloists for 11 days of instruction with the Institute faculty and Vidin, Bulgaria State Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductors will work orchestra and soloist on 2 complete concertos 15 minutes a day plus 10 minutes daily with soloist and string sextet. Soloists will work 30 minutes daily with full orchestra and 20 minutes daily with string sextet on 2 complete concertos selected from a lengthy list of concerto repertoire. The course will conclude with 2 days of general rehearsals and concerts in which all conductors and soloists will perform. See the repertoire list and complete program details on the Mastering the Concerto page.

Jason (USA) - 2015 Institute

Jason (USA) – 2015 Institute

Institute Alumni Comments

“The Advanced Conducting Academy concerts were the highlight of each week. It was wonderful to conduct a full
movement with the full orchestra in a real concert setting with a real audience.”
-2015 Institute conductor

“When you consider the podium time, the variety of repertoire, and the opportunity to conduct concertos, this is
a fantastic value, financially and artistically!”
-2014 Institute conductor

“The orchestra is fantastic and unbelievably responsive, and the faculty is excellent. I feel I progressed tremendously
in the two weeks.”
-2013 Institute conductor

“I loved the summer course, and I hope I will come back someday and take the course again!”
-2012 Institute conductor