Saturday, June 16 is arrival day. You should plan to arrive in Bucharest between 13:00 and 16:00 local time. Students make the trip to Bacau on the Institute coach. You’ll have time for a late supper after check-in at the Hotel Decebal. The Advanced Conducting Academy opens on Sunday, June 17 with a faculty concert at 11:00. A welcome session follows the concert, and the first evening instructional session begins at 16:00.

Celebrating after a concert - 2017 Institute

Celebrating after a concert – 2017 Institute

Evening sessions with piano sextet provide additional instructional time for participants to work through the next day’s repertoire with the faculty. Each conductor has 10 minutes with the sextet to prepare for the next full orchestra session Sunday through Tuesday. Two Classical orchestra concerts are presented at the end of the first week, and two Romantic sized orchestra concerts conclude the second week of the Advanced Academy.

Pre-Concert gathering - 2017 Institute

Pre-Concert gathering – 2017 Institute

The Institute schedule includes one free day with no rehearsal or concert. Optional side trips are available to explore the Romanian countryside, monasteries and historical and cultural sites.

Students depart for Bucharest on the night of June 29 for early morning departures from Otopeni Airport on Saturday June 30.

Frncis (Hong Kong) - 2016-17 Institutes

Frncis (Hong Kong) – 2016-17 Institutes

The schedule is rigorous so plan to arrive fully prepared to conduct all of your repertoire selections. Following morning sessions on Celibidache’s approach to conducting, participants conduct the full orchestra on each of 6 rehearsal days (Monday through Wednesday each week). Podium time for the full orchestra instructional sessions is 15 minutes for each participant. Conductors also receive two 10-minute sessions of video review with a faculty member Monday through Wednesday.

Daniel (USA) - 2017 Institute

Daniel (USA) – 2017 Institute

Maestro Balan leads morning warm-ups and technical exercises, and Maestro Gambetta presents afternoon Embodied Conducting™ sessions designed to help conductors improve connections between their movement choices and musical intentions. The curriculum also includes weekly score study and musicianship sessions as well as Hindemith based hand independence exercises. Each instructional day ends with a evening wrap up gathering with Institute faculty and staff.

Alberto (Mexico) - 2017 Institute

Alberto (Mexico) – 2017 Institute

Typical Instructional Day Schedule

  • 08:30 Morning Rehearsal Prep
  • 09:30 Full Orchestra Session
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 15:30 Embodied Conducting
  • 16:30 String Sextet Session Prep
  • 17:30 String Sextet Session
  • 20:00 Evening Wrap-up

Typical Concert Day Schedule

  • 08:30 General Rehearsal Prep
  • 09:30 General Rehearsal
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 16:30 Embodied Conducting
  • 17:30 Concert Prep
  • 18:30 Concert
  • 20:00 Post Concert Dinner


Advanced Conducting Academy Class of 2017

Advanced Conducting Academy Class of 2017

Institute Alumni Comments

“I loved the program and will definitely consider returning..”
-2016 Institute conductor

“The combined amount of experience that all three faculty members share was remarkable. I am so glad that I got to have
equal time with each teacher.”
-2015 Institute conductor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the institute and would definitely consider attending again. Overall, it was a wonderful experience
offering a lot of opportunity for growth.”
-2014 Institute conductor