Saturday, June 3 is arrival day. You should plan to arrive in Bucharest between 13:00 and 16:00 local time. Students make the trip to Bacau on the Institute coach. You’ll have time for a late supper after check-in at the Hotel Decebal. The workshop is divided into two six-day segments. The first segment, Sunday June 4 – Friday June 9, is devoted to the Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass and the Beethoven Mass in C major, Op. 86. The second segment, Saturday June 10 – Friday June 16, is devoted to Verdi’s Requiem. Each segment includes morning and evening instructional sessions plus 2 general rehearsals and 2 concerts for the Verdi Requiem and 1 general rehearsal and 1 concert for the Beethoven Mass in C major and Haydn Lord Nelson Mass. All student conductors will perform on the Beethoven/Haydn concert and both Verdi concerts.

Iasi Philharmonic Choir

The Iasi Philharmonic Choir

The Beethoven/Haydn segment begins on Sunday June 4 with a welcome session and score Q & A in the morning and the first instructional conducting session with piano and vocal quartet in the afternoon. The schedule for Monday and Tuesday includes 2 daily 4 hour sessions: vocal quartet and piano sextet Monday morning, full chorus and piano sextet Monday evening, full chorus and sextet Tuesday morning and full orchestra Tuesday evening. Conductors work with full chorus and orchestra Wednesday morning followed by an afternoon score study masterclass with the faculty and an evening session with orchestra and chorus. Study of the Beethoven and Haydn concludes on Thursday with a morning general rehearsal and an evening concert in which all workshop conductors participate.

Hyoungil (Korea) and soloists - 2015 Institute

Hyoungil (Korea) and soloists – 2015 Institute

Like the Advanced Conducting Academy, the Conducting Choral Masterpieces workshop schedule is very rigorous. Participants will be conducting for 24 minutes a day (12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the evening) so you should arrive fully prepared to conduct your repertoire selections. Students depart for Bucharest on the night of June 16 for early morning departures from Otopeni Airport on June 17.

The Bacau Ateneu – Home of the Philharmonic

The Bacau Ateneu – Home of the Philharmonic

Maestro Kesling will present sessions focused on choral rehearsal and vocal techniques, and Maestro Gutter teaches score study sessions as well as Hindemith based hand independence exercises and directs morning warm-up and technical exercises. Maestro Gambetta rounds out the curriculum with Embodied Conducting™ instruction designed to help conductors improve connections between their gestures and musical intentions.

Edward (USA) - 2015 Institute

Edward (USA) – 2015 Institute

Work on the Verdi Requiem begins after a day of rest on Friday June 9 with morning and evening instructional sessions with vocal quartet and piano. Conductors work with full orchestra alone on Sunday morning and full chorus with piano sextet in the evening. Monday’s schedule reverses Sunday’s order. Tuesday morning features a masterclass on the Verdi Requiem and an evening instructional conducting session with full chorus and orchestra. The final 2 days each begin with a morning general rehearsal and conclude with an evening concert featuring performances by all student conductors.

Pascal (Canada), Elena (Romania), Ty and Patrick (USA)  2015 Institute

Pascal (Canada), Elena (Romania), Ty and Patrick (USA) – 2015 Institute

Typical Instructional Day Schedule

  • 08:30 Morning Rehearsal Prep
  • 09:30 Morning Rehearsal
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 15:15 Evening Rehearsal Prep
  • 16:00 Evening Rehearsal
  • 20:00 Evening Wrap-up

Typical Concert Day Schedule

  • 08:30 General Rehearsal Prep
  • 09:30 General Rehearsal
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 17:30 Concert Prep
  • 18:30 Concert
  • 20:30 Post Concert Dinner


Bryan Zaros (2015) conducting the Iasi Philharmonic Choir and Bacau Philharmonic

Institute Alumni Comments

“Video Reviews were most helpful, giving us opportunities to see ourselves from the musicians’ perspective and critique ourselves.”
-2016 Institute conductor

“I will remember our Brahms Requiem concert in the church for many years to come. Powerful music making!”
-2015 Institute conductor

“The concerts were a great experience and resulted in very high quality video recordings.”
-2014 Institute conductor