The Conducting Choral Masterpieces workshop was developed by the Institute faculty to address the gap in most conductor training programs between choral and instrumental conducting. Choral conductors will gain valuable experience and acquire essential skills and techniques for conducting choral works with orchestral accompaniment while instrumental conductors will learn how to better communicate with vocal ensembles through gesture and language all while studying three iconic masterpieces from the orchestral/choral repertoire.

John (Canada) - 2015 Institute

John (Canada) – 2015 Institute

Conducting Choral Masterpieces Repertoire

Beethoven: Mass in C major, Op. 86
Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass
Verdi: Requiem

The Conducting Choral Masterpieces tuition of US $3,195 provides for over 200 minutes of podium time including sessions with piano sextet and vocal quartet, full chorus and piano sextet, full orchestra alone, full orchestra and full chorus plus 2 general (dress) rehearsals and 2 concert appearances with full orchestra and chorus.

The G. Musicescu Academic Choir on stage with the Iasi Philharmon

The Iasi Philharmonic Choir on stage with the Iasi Philharmonic

The workshop is split into 2 segments of 5 and 7 days with a free day between the two. The first 5 days are devoted to Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass and the Beethoven Mass in C major, and the remaining 7 days will focus on the Verdi Requiem. The Iasi Philharmonic Chorus, a professional choir affiliated with the Iasi Philharmonic, will be in residence with the Bacau Philharmonic for the entire program. Accepted conductors receive a repertoire selection worksheet to indicate their movement preferences for each piece, and the Institute faculty will use this information to make repertoire assignments. Workshop conductors should be prepared to conduct all movements included on their worksheets.

Filarmonica 'Mihail Jora' Bacau

Filarmonica ‘Mihail Jora’ Bacau

The Institute will accept up to 15 conductors for 2 weeks of conducting study and performance in Bacau, Romania with master teachers Will Kesling, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Florida; Robert Gutter, Music Director Emeritus, Springfield Symphony (MA) and the Greensboro Philharmonia (NC); and Charles Gambetta, leading conducting pedagogue and creator of the Embodied Conducting™ method.

Patrick (USA), soloists and Ty (USA) - 2015 Institute

Patrick (USA), soloists and Ty (USA) – 2015 Institute

Special Audit Opportunity
The Institute offers Conducting Choral Masterpieces participants an option to audit the first week of the Advanced Conducting Academy for an additional fee of only $795. Auditors may attend all Advanced Academy sessions, and the fee also covers the cost of 7 additional nights at the hotel.

Scholarships and Discounts
Returning Institute alumni receive a US $200 scholarship. Conductors participating in both the Advanced Conducting Academy and Conducting Choral Masterpieces are given a US $400 discount. (The discount cannot be combined with the scholarship.)

Mozart Requiem rehearsal -  2015 Institute

Mozart Requiem rehearsal – 2015 Institute


The Iasi Philharmonic Choir and Bacau Philharmonic, Dr. Will Kesling, Conductor

Institute Alumni Comments

“The concerts were a tremendous experience when it comes to both performing and video documentation.”
-2016 Institute conductor

“I found the choir to be incredibly engaged and interested in giving a great performance for the fellows.”
-2015 Institute conductor

“Great environment for personal and musical growth! Both faculty and orchestra musicians were very supportive, and I think the sextet-orchestra structure worked very well.”
-2014 Institute conductor