announces immediate openings for
TRUMPET – Two positions
HORN – One position
TROMBONE – One position

  • Live and work as a professional musician in Europe
  • EU member full-time professional orchestra
  • US $500/month stipend plus shared 2-bedroom apartment
  • Typical work week includes 4 rehearsals and 1 concert
  • Build your resume with a year or more of professional orchestra experience
  • Additional pay for European Tours, recording sessions, and run-out concerts
  • Opportunities for chamber music, recitals and appearance as soloist with the orchestra
  • Option for 1 to 2 additional years of residency

Bacau Philharmonic

The Philharmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora”

Round 1 Excerpts
Beethoven Leonore Overture No. 3: off stage call
Mahler Symphony No 5: 1st Mvt. m. 1 to reh. 1, reh. 9 to reh. 12
Mussorgsky/Ravel “Pictures:” Promenade m. 1 to reh. 2, Schmuyle solo
Respighi Pines of Rome: 2nd Mvt. off stage solo
Stravinsky Petrouchka: Ballerina’s Dance

Beethoven Symphony No. 7: 1st Mvt. mm. 89 to 101
Brahms Symphony No 1: 4th Mvt. reh. C solo
Strauss Till Eulenspiegel: mm. 6 to 12
Tchaikovsky Symphony No 5: 2nd Mvt. solo
Wagner Gotterdammerung: Siegfried short call

Mahler Symphony No. 3 1st Mvt: 5 mm. before reh. 14 to reh. 17
Mozart Requiem: Tuba Mirum solo
Ravel Bolero: 3 mm. after reh. 10 to reh. 11
Strauss Till Eulenspiegel: 4 mm. before reh. 36 to 16 mm. after reh. 37
Wagner Ride of the Valkyries: pick-up to reh. 6 to 3 mm. after reh. 7

All excerpts are from principal chair parts unless specified otherwise.

To Apply
Send a one-page resume, the names with contact information of 2 references and a link to a video recording of all round 1 excerpts for your instrument to If you advance to the second and final round, you will need to send a link to a video recording of your performance of 1 movement from a virtuoso concerto of your choosing and all round 2 excerpts. Those selected for the Residency Program are responsible the cost of travel to Bacau and the return at the end of the residency period.

Round 2 Excerpts
Debussy Fetes: 8 mm. after reh. 10 to reh. 11
Gershwin American in Paris: 4 before 46 – 47, 5 after 50 – 52, pickup 57 – 61
Mahler Symphony No. 3: “Posthorn solo” 3rd Mvt. 1 m. before 14 to 17
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade: Mvt. 4, 1 m. before C to D, Q to R, T to U
Strauss Ein Heldenleben: reh. 42 to reh. 43

Beethoven Symphony No.9: 4th Horn, Mvt. 3, mm. 82 to 98, 107 to 121
Mahler Symphony No. 1: Mvt. 1, 19 mm. before reh. 26 to reh. 27
Mahler Symphony No. 1: Mvt. 4, 8 before reh. 52 to reh. 53
Shostakovich Symphony No. 5: Mvt. 1, 17 – 21, 33 – 41
Strauss Ein Heldenleben: Da Capo
Stravinsky Firebird Suite (1919) Danse infernale: reh. 1 to reh. 3

Hindemith Sym. Metamorphosis Turandot scherzo: reh. H to 9 mm. after I
Rossini William Tell Overture: Reh. C to 17 after C
Schumann Rhenish Symphony: 4th Mvt, Da capo to 1 m. after reh. A
Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Easter Overture: reh. B to 6 mm. after B
Wagner Tannhäuser Overture: entire section soli at reh. A

Solo Repertoire
One movement from a virtuoso concerto of your choosing.

The monthly stipend of US $500 stipend is competitive with salaries for other professional orchestras in Romania outside Bucharest, and housing in a shared 2-bedroom apartment is included for all participants in the Residency Program. The cost of living in Romania is very low so your money will go much farther there than in the US or Western Europe. Direct questions about the program or the audition process to

As the partnership between the International Institute for Conductors and the Bacau Philharmonic entered its 16th year, the orchestra’s management asked for the Institute’s assistance with the audition process for the new Residency Program. The Institute was more than happy to help and agreed to announce the openings and screen applicants on behalf of the orchestra. Neither the Institute nor its personnel profit in any way from our participation or from any recommendations we make to the Philharmonic.